DEI Statement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Values Statement

CAA values diversity, equity, and inclusivity among its board members, volunteers, general members, and program participants. Board members believe every person has something of value to contribute and that diverse perspectives lead to stronger organizations and better outcomes. We are committed to be a model of diversity, equity, and inclusion for audiological practice across all clinical and research settings.

Acknowledging and understanding individuals' unique attributes and experiences due to differences of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.

Supporting fairness and equity of outcomes, not just in support and resource inputs.

Ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and contribute to our organization.


Agency Diversity

CAA will collect and review information from board members, volunteers, members, and program participants to assess its environment and effects on persons of diverse backgrounds. CAA will solicit feedback from board members, volunteers, members and program participants regarding their perceptions and experiences with CAA in the form of an anonymous survey, annually.

Assessment Procedures

1.  CAA will use a neutral third-party to collect and analyze demographic information.
2.  The third party will submit a report to CAA about the agency’s demographic distribution.
3.  CAA will survey board members, volunteers, members, and program participants anonymously to learn whether:

•  They consider CAA a diverse and inclusive organization.
•  They believe their work and contributions to the organization are valued and respected.
•  Respondents feel that they can contribute to the meetings, events of CAA, and their input is valued and respected by all members/ participants.
•  Respondents feel comfortable requesting accommodations that will improve their sense of inclusion.
•  Respondents feel CAA events, both in-person and virtual, are safe spaces, free from bullying, intimidation, and disrespect by others. 
•  Respondents feel comfortable reporting incidents of bullying, intimidation, and disrespect to CAA representatives, and they trust CAA to act on those incidents.
•  Feedback on how to improve the CAA environment for people of diverse backgrounds

4.  CAA will create a work group with a diverse membership to review the surveys and present their findings to the Board of Directors.
5.  CAA will conduct follow-up reviews at least bi-annually.

Action Plan to Address Inequities


CAA strives to acknowledge and dismantle any inequities within our policies, systems, programs, and services, and continually update and report organizational progress. 

Action Plan Procedures

1.  CAA board members will maintain objectivity about survey responses or other feedback regarding negative experiences of people of diverse backgrounds who interact with CAA in any role.
2.  CAA will have an "open door" policy for addressing concerns or complaints about situations that make people feel unwelcome, ensuring anyone can report concerns at any time.

Board Recruitment and Accommodations

Board Development for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CAA will strive to develop recruitment and board member support strategies to increase board, committee, and general membership of people with diverse backgrounds.

Action Plan Procedures

1.  CAA will base its recruitment for its Board of Directors on the assets it needs to strengthen the board’s capacity and effectiveness.
2.  The agency strives to reach out to people with the identified assets who also come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to determine if they have an interest in board service and will add value to the board and agency.
3.  CAA board leadership will be mindful about inviting new board members of different backgrounds to share their perspectives and opinions.
4.  CAA board leadership will proactively identify and address any barriers that could hinder board members' full engagement, ensuring accommodations are made to support their participation.
5.  CAA is committed to increasing educational opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in audiology.

Agency Events and Programs

Ensuring Welcoming Events and Programs

Planning for events and programs will include considerations of barriers participants may face and work to address them and maximize all participants’ learning, networking, and social experiences.

Program Procedures

1.  Event and program publicity will encourage potential participants to report any accommodations they may need.
2.  Planning teams will make their best efforts to provide accommodations that are requested.
3.  Planning teams will issue codes of conduct and set expectations for participants to respect all persons with their varied personal experiences and professional opinions and to work actively to ensure events and programs are inclusive.