Volunteer Opportunities

As a member-driven organization, led by a Board of Directors consisting entirely of CAA members elected to volunteer positions, we rely on contributions of time, energy, money, creativity, etc. from the audiology community of California. Below are several opportunities to get involved.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities please email the CAA volunteer organizer, who will contact you to help you get started.

Annual Conference
The annual statewide conference is always an exciting event, however, there are many aspects and details to consider in order for this occasion to be successful. Volunteers are greatly appreciated and needed for both the planning process and during the meeting itself.

Legislative efforts are the core of CAA's mission to support and advocate for California audiologists. The opportunity to assist with legislative concerns can be very educational and empowering. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

An updated and easy to navigate website is an absolute must in any business today. CAA has been working hard to make sure our website is as efficient and easy to use as possible. The Communications Committee is looking for volunteers who could be helpful in this area.

Keeping CAA members updated on events, issues, and informative articles helps share with our membership all of the important work the leadership is doing. Additional assistance and ideas are welcomed in this area.

Your membership is the most important contribution to CAA. The greater our membership the stronger our voice will be when it comes to legislative issues. Maintaining your membership in good standing and recruiting new members is a great way to give back to CAA. Your help with this endeavor will be greatly appreciated.