Membership Benefits

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A membership with CAA is an investment in your future. The Academy gives audiologists a clear identity and provides a means by which we can deal rapidly and effectively with audiology issues as they arise within the State of California. CAA is dedicated to the advancement of the Profession of Audiology.

The following are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a CAA member:

  • A significant reduction in registration fees for CAA-hosted continuing education and CAA’s Annual Convention, a premier educational and networking event
  • Email updates on the latest information concerning the profession of audiology in California with special Legislative Alerts
  • Professional leadership opportunities on CAA committees and working groups
  • Reimbursement updates and information
  • Professional recognition
  • Discounts on collateral educational materials
  • Representation of your ideas about the profession as we meet with insurance companies and legislators to proactively move audiology to an autonomous profession

In addition to existing benefits, your CAA membership entitles you to these new opportunities:

  • A free listing of your office on the CAA web site (if you are a clinical provider) which is available to consumers
  • Access to the online membership directory, a very useful resource for referrals and networking

The Academy provides the following types of membership:

  • Professional Fellow Membership: Open to all audiologists who have a minimum of a Master’s or Au.D. degree in audiology from an accredited institution, and/or are licensed to practice audiology in the United States. ($325.00 annual dues)
  • Student Membership: Open to students of audiology, hearing science, or allied studies, and who are not eligible* for Professional Fellow Membership. Student members enjoy all of the privileges of being a Professional Fellow Member, except the right to vote in CAA elections. ($35.00 annual dues)
    • *An individual who holds a state license and is completing an AuD or PhD degree on a part-time basis or via continuing or distance education must join CAA as a Professional Member. 
  • Recent Graduate: Half off the price of Professional Fellow Membership for individuals within the year of their graduation. Please send dated proof of graduation to ($162.50 annual dues)
  • Patron of the Academy: Open to any supporter of CAA who is not an audiologist and is not eligible for any other membership category. Patron members may not vote or hold office, but shall receive all Academy publications and materials and are entitled to all other benefits of membership. ($245.00 annual dues)
  • Life Membership: Open to current Professional Fellow Members who are 65+ years old and have maintained good standing as a Fellow for 5 or more consecutive years. A Fellow may apply for Life Membership by submitting a written request to the Membership Committee. Life Members hold all rights and obligations of Professional Fellow Membership, but receive a reduction in annual dues. ($140.00 annual dues)
  • International Membership: Open to persons with formal academic training from a non-U.S. post-secondary academic institution and/or have clinical or research experience in the area of audiology or hearing science, although there is no restriction placed on the type of degree held. International members may not vote or hold office, but shall receive all Academy publications and materials and are entitled to all other benefits of Professional Fellow Membership. ($245.00 annual dues)
  • Honorary Fellow Membership: Granted by the CAA Board of Directors to a person for exceptional professional or scientific achievement in the field of audiology or hearing science. Candidates for Honorary Fellow Membership must not be eligible for Professional Fellow Membership. Honorary Fellows may apply to or be nominated by the Membership Committee. Honorary Fellow Membership will be granted by a two-thirds vote of approval of the Board of Directors. An Honorary Fellow Member holds all rights and obligations of Professional Fellow Membership, including payment of annual dues. ($325.00 annual dues)

CAA Membership Dues is a non-refundable purchase.