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CAA Governmental Affairs/ Legislation Update


Your CAA Board and Legislative Committee have been actively monitoring, providing feedback, and serving as expert witnesses for important legislative issues that concern the profession of audiology:




With the improving state fiscal situation (budget surplus of ~$5 billion), legislation has being developed by Senator Ed Hernandez (SB 243) and Assemblyman Rob Bonta  (AB 366) that would restore the 10% Medi-Cal provider cuts that first occurred in 2011. The Assembly bill was heard on April 14 and the Senate bill on April 22.  CAA submitted letters of support for both bills. Each bill has passed the Health Committee in the respective houses and are in the Appropriations Committees. The Governor's budget revision occurs May 15, and that will guide next steps.

(Posted 5/21/2015)


Due to the severe shortage of audiologists and audiology training programs in California, CAA recently sent a letter to the Chancellor of the California State University, Timothy White, PhD, providing him with information on the shortage and the substantial need for audiologists. CAA received a reply noting assurance that the problem will be investigated and considered.

(Posted 5/21/2015)

SB 210

This bill requires the state’s Department of Education to monitor and track the language development of children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing with an IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) or an IEP (Individual Education Plan). This bill requires the IFSP or the IEP team, to provide written progress reports in the annual IFSP or IEP and in the event the child is not meeting the specified language benchmarks, to offer specific recommendations to the family with the goal of children who are deaf and hard of hearing becoming linguistically age-appropriate.  Finally, this bill requires the Department of Education to develop specific action plans and work with an advisory committee of stakeholders to select the benchmarks and develop regulations by January 2017 to fully implement the “language assessment” protocol and process.  CAA will be monitoring this bill.

(Posted 5/21/2015)

Reintroduction of Hearing Instrument Specialist VA Expansion Bill

Congressmen Duffy (R-WI) and Walz (D-MN) have reintroduced legislation (HR353) in the 114th Congress that would grant the VA authority to employ hearing instrument specialists to provide hearing healthcare services to veterans. This legislation appears to be similar, if not identical to legislation introduced in the 113th Congress (H.R. 3508/S. 2311). This legislation has been spearheaded by the International Hearing Society (IHS) as part of their "Fit to Serve" initiative. The American Academy of Audiology, as well as other groups, actively opposed this legislation last congress.

Please write to your member of Congress and ask them to oppose H.R. 353. An action alert and editable sample letter are available on the Legislative Action Center for you to get involved and send to your Congressmen. Please take the time to speak up on behalf of our profession to be heard.

(Posted 2/7/2015)

CAA’S Legislative Liaison Re-Appointed to the SLPAHADB

Governor Jerry Brown reappointed CAA’s Legislative Liaison, Marcia Raggio, PhD, to a four-year term as a member of the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board.

(Posted 1/27/2015)


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